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Not just a wheelchair tray!

A sturdy, steady surface wherever you may be and a handy bag-in-one

Trabasack is an innovative design company based in the UK who produce a range of unique and practical lapdesk and bag combinations which are universally designed and specifically, perfect for use as a portable wheelchair tray.

An older man smiles to the camera, whilst sitting in a manual wheelchair, holding a cup upon the tray surface of his Trabasack Curve wheelchair tray and bag

Bag a Table Anywhere

There have probably been hundreds of occasions where you have found it difficult to find a table, whether those on offer are completely inaccessible or it’s just too busy, with a Trabasack you don’t have to worry any more.

This unique and sturdy tray and bag combo allows you to have complete access to your own private table wherever you are, be that on a train, in a busy coffee shop or at home. It’s handy for holding drinks, media devices and much more.

The unique and streamlined design of the Trabasack range means it fits universally to almost any wheelchair out there including powerchairs.

Our ethos is simple, our products are designed to fit the person, not the chair and can be used for so many different functions from a work space for your laptop to a handy tray for cinema visits (somewhere to put your popcorn).

Photograph shows 6 Trabasack Curve Connect bags lined-up, standing upright. Each has a different colour trim, including red, orange, pink, blue and black

Despite combining all these great features Trabasack products are lightweight, built to last and attractive, too.

My Trabasack Curve is great. I’ve had it for about 6 months. It’s lightweight, comfortable, stable, easy to pick up and/or unzip. It easily wipes clean, surface is firm not slippery, raised ridge keeps items/spills contained. It’s the best tray I’ve ever had.

Tray view of the Trabasack Curve