Eating Out with Trabasack

Using your Trabasack as a Wheelchair Food Tray As one of the thousands of wheelchair users in Australia, you are probably already aware of all the problems that come with eating out. Accessing restaurants, cafes and bars can be extremely difficult as accessible tables and surfaces aren’t always available. Sometimes the difficulty is fitting under […]

Lap Tray Competition

King of the Wheelchair Lap Trays – Staking out the Competition   As the proud inventors of a wheelchair lap tray, universally designed for all wheelchair users, it seems only fair to take a closer look at alternatives on the market. At Trabasack we designed our product to be different from our competitors. We wanted […]

A Look at Some of our Wheelchair Tray Competitors

A Look at Some of Our Wheelchair Tray Competitors And Why Our Product is the Best on the Market As a wheelchair user, it makes perfect sense that you want tray access from the comfort of your chair, so you don’t have to worry about transferring to other seating whilst out and about or just […]

Top Wheelchair Tray Accessories for your Trabasack Wheelchair Tray

Trabasack Wheelchair Tray Accessories As the proud owner of a Trabasack wheelchair lap tray and bag, you’ll already know the many benefits of the product. The combination of sturdy lap tray surface and spacious bag compartment means you can carry everything you need and access anything you need, simultaneously from the same device from the […]

Power Chair that goes up stairs

Power Chair that goes up stairs A New Innovation in Wheelchair Technology This brand new innovation in wheelchair technology genuinely allows power chair users to access stairs like never before. From Australian company Magic Mobility, the Extreme X8 is a revolution for wheelchair users everywhere and combines rugged, durable construction with brand new high torque […]

Lego Wheelchair

– We just love this: a Lego Wheelchair   I saw this when trabasaxon Mark Mayer tweeted about it.   The details below are taken from You Tube:   Currently still a prototype, the LEGO Wheelchair can move a 90kg person. It uses 6 NXT’s to drive 12 NXT motors (2 per NXT for maximum power […]

Trabasack – the Perfect Power chair Tray

Trabasack – the Perfect Powerchair Tray Functional, Comfortable and Multipurpose Your Trabasack wheelchair lap tray and bag is suitable for absolutely any wheelchair and many of our customers happen to be powerchair users looking for a functional, affordable and good quality power chair tray. Both lap tray products in the Trabasack range provide this function […]

Wheelchair accessories – coming soon

New blog about trabasack wheelchair tray in Australia. Available now, locally posted.   Contact us by email info {AT} for prices For info check out or pop back here in a week or so!