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Supporting a Voice for People with Disabilities

We have been disappointed and saddened to hear the news that ABC Ramp Up has been closed. The ABC chose not to incorporate Ramp Up into their core operations and this has, more than fairly, angered many of the people living with disabilities across Australia. As our national public broadcaster the inclusion in Ramp Up […]

Accessibility Weekend Australia 2013

For nine years we have celebrated Accessibility Weekend in Victoria and this year it’s taking place on 16th and 17th November. It’s an event where attractions across the area open their doors for free to wheelchair users and individuals with disabilities, also giving free entrance to their carers too. The event is part of Spinal […]

Things you can do from a Trabasack: Music

Things you can do from a Trabasack: Music One of things we are most proud of here at Trabasack is how versatile our product really is. By combining the cushioned lap tray with a secure bag, wheelchair users are able to simply carry one item comfortably and eliminate bulky bags and extra trays – all […]

The Trabasack – your new wheelchair backpack

The Trabasack – your new wheelchair backpack When using a wheelchair, a key element to choosing a backpack is finding something that is light weight, is a good storage solution and, most importantly, won’t get in the way. Traditional storage solutions can often feel bulky and unappealing aesthetically, but Trabasack has combined secure and spacious […]

Best Wheelchair Accessory Around

Trabasack – The Best Wheelchair Accessory Around The innovative and ergonomic Trabasack design combines a lap tray with a wheelchair bag in a unique and exciting way. This makes the Trabasack one of the best wheelchair accessories on the market today. What to love about the Trabasack The Trabasack is an original design created by […]

iPad Mount for Wheelchairs – Options from Trabasack

iPad Mount for Wheelchairs – Options from Trabasack Trabasack is an inexpensive mounting system for an ipad. Multi-functional, use as a bag too!  iPads are great for a number of reasons. Not only are they the perfect tool for keeping in touch via social networking and emails, but they are the ideal way to work […]

Lap Tray Competition

King of the Wheelchair Lap Trays – Staking out the Competition   As the proud inventors of a wheelchair lap tray, universally designed for all wheelchair users, it seems only fair to take a closer look at alternatives on the market. At Trabasack we designed our product to be different from our competitors. We wanted […]

Power Chair that goes up stairs

Power Chair that goes up stairs A New Innovation in Wheelchair Technology This brand new innovation in wheelchair technology genuinely allows power chair users to access stairs like never before. From Australian company Magic Mobility, the Extreme X8 is a revolution for wheelchair users everywhere and combines rugged, durable construction with brand new high torque […]

Lego Wheelchair

– We just love this: a Lego Wheelchair   I saw this when trabasaxon Mark Mayer tweeted about it.   The details below are taken from You Tube:   Currently still a prototype, the LEGO Wheelchair can move a 90kg person. It uses 6 NXT’s to drive 12 NXT motors (2 per NXT for maximum power […]