Eating Out with Trabasack

Using your Trabasack as a Wheelchair Food Tray

As one of the thousands of wheelchair users in Australia, you are probably already aware of all the problems that come with eating out. Accessing restaurants, cafes and bars can be extremely difficult as accessible tables and surfaces aren’t always available. Sometimes the difficulty is fitting under the table whilst in other instances tables are simply too high or too low. Many catering establishments simple don’t think when they’re planning their layout and don’t consider creating at least one accessible table or dining area within their eatery.

When Eating Becomes Uncomfortable

There are four key reasons that eating out can become difficult for wheelchair users:

  • No free tables
  • The only tables available are completely inaccessible
  • The only tables available are upstairs with no lift
  • The only tables available are located at the back of a crowded restaurant making accessing them near impossible!

The Trabasack Wheelchair Food Tray is the Answer

Trabasack wheelchair food tray inventor and user Clare Edwards

You may not have considered this additional function of your versatile Trabasack lap tray but it can in fact be a wheelchair food tray for when you’re out and about. This common problem can be avoided every time (unless there simply are NO tables) with the aid of your Trabasack.

Trabasack was designed by Clare Edwards, a wheelchair user herself, and has won many awards for its stylish design and also due to its embracing of the ‘design-for-all’ concept. It can easily be used a convenient and comfortable wheelchair food tray and means that you can get on with your independent life without having to be disappointed or regularly annoyed by negligent cafe owners and restaurants.

You can comfortably eat or drink from your Trabasack lap tray, which provides a stable surface on your lap without having to squeeze yourself uncomfortably under a table. You can attend social events knowing it won’t be awkward as you can comfortably eat or drink any kind of meal without bending awkwardly or risking scalds or burns.

The Trabasack comprises a small bean bag which moulds to your lap and a PVC tray surface which is sturdy and ideal for hot food and drinks. It can be carried as a bag when not in use and you can pack any preferred utensils or cups and bottles within the bag compartment. All these functions make eating out super easy.

Trabasack has received continual praise and positive reviews via Amazon and our other retailers. One happy customer even described it as ‘the best invention ever’ and we really agree as it makes eating out and many other previously awkward tasks straightforward as they should be.

Our Trabasack range can be bought from our product page and retail at between $69.95 and $79.95