Hands-on Universal Design Workshop “Enabled by Design-athon” Sydney July 2014

Enabled by Design-athon Comes to Sydney, July 2014

Further to the extraordinary success of previous Enabled by Design workshops, this year will see the inclusive design scope reach even further-afield with the next annual event being held in Sydney, between the 25th-26th of July 2014.

The Enabled by Design-athon is a two day hands-on ideas consortium, where renowned designers, engineers, students and the general public, can come together to brainstorm prototype products aimed at making life easier for the older or disabled people.

Initially launched in June 2010, the seminal Enabled by Design Unconference was held at the Design Museum in Shad Thames, London. The event featured a whole host of talented individuals, each passionate about creating user-friendly, beautiful products that can be used by everyone.

Previous Enabled by Design Events and Designathons

The first Enabled by Design event was an Unconference that included speeches from the inimitable designer Wayne Hemingway, and radical author and social entrepreneur Charles Leadbeater. The event was a huge success, paving the way for future design-athons to be held  in London, and then last year in Washington DC, USA.

This year’s Enabled by Design-athon is due to be held at the University of Technology, Sydney, and will be hosted in partnership with a number of charitable sponsors, including Cerebral Palsy Alliance – the Australian, nonprofit organisation who aim to support and strengthen the future of those living with cerebral palsy. Other notable supporters of the event include design-athon creators Enabled by Design, and FutureGov – UK-based design team who work with local authorities to incite positive change in public services, using innovative technologies and forward-thinking design.

Logo shows black illustrations of products being created on a conveyor belt, on a bright yellow background, with the words Enabled by Design-athon in capital letters underneath.

This year’s Enabled by Design-athon will be held at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) between Fri 25th – Sat 26th of July, 2014

Enabled by Design-athon Sydney 2014

This year’s keynote speakers hail from all over the world, and include Denise Stephens, founder of Enabled by Design, Dominic Campbell who established FutureGov and a number of experienced and ardent accessibility-lead designers and ideas activists such as Life Labs‘ Marc Irlandez, Jordan Nguyen (creator of the mind-controlled wheelchair) and TEDx member Dr Joanne Jakovich, who will be emceeing the Lightening Talks at the event.

The Sydney Enabled by Design-athon hopes to bring together both professional designers and creatives, along with members of the public who are interested in usability, design and accessibility. It sets-out to combine fun brainstorming sessions with hands-on creative product crafting using the latest in technology (including hi-spec computer software and 3D printers), whilst also providing a forum for discussion on the topic. As with previous years, the Enabled by Design-athon hopes to raise awareness of the practical everyday challenges met by those with disabilities and older people, whilst demonstrating how inclusive products and technology shouldn’t be a niche subject, but a universal concept in the design world – mainstream products that can be used by everyone.

As previous sponsors of the first Enabled by Design event in London, here at Trabasack we hope to continue our involvement with this innovative event and to send a representative to join in the activities at UTS later in July. We wish them good luck with what we are certain will be a fabulous and thought-provoking event.

Enabled by Design-athon is open to everyone, with limited tickets available for free. To apply for a place at the event or for further information, visit the official Enabled by Design-athon website http://enabledbydesignathon.org.au.