iPad Mount for Wheelchairs – Options from Trabasack

iPad Mount for Wheelchairs – Options from Trabasack

Trabasack is an inexpensive mounting system for an ipad. Multi-functional, use as a bag too! 

iPads are great for a number of reasons. Not only are they the perfect tool for keeping in touch via social networking and emails, but they are the ideal way to work (or play!) while on the move. As a wheelchair user, however, it is difficult to find the right mount for your device. Often coming in as an expensive piece of equipment, it is difficult to know that you are choosing the safest, easiest and most secure platform on which you can use your tablet.

The Trabasack connect is the perfect surface on which to secure your iPad

Trabasack has extended their range to include two wheelchair mounts that would be perfect for the iPad – the Connect surface and the Media Mount.

The Connect surface

Trabasack’s Connect surface is ideal for use with an iPad. Connect your device to the velcro receptive tray using hook tape, then lay it flat upon the spacious tray in front of you. Though the tray is large it doesn’t get in the way, and the
curved shape means it fits neatly against your body in a comfortable and easy way. Not only are you awarded plenty of space with the Trabasack Connect surface, but the hook tape is completely secure, so you can be assured that your iPad is not in danger of falling; particularly important if you’re likely to be moving down hill or going over any bumps.

Use your Media Mount to hold your iPad at the angle you’re most comfortable using

The Media Mount

Trabasack also have their own media mount, which is ideal for holding your iPad if you prefer it in an upright position – it also saves you from using tape on your device. Though the Media Mount is multi-purpose, it was actually designed with the iPad in mind. This means the fit is perfect, giving you the utmost physical security for your tablet. Simply wrap the mount around the base of your iPad and attach it at any desired angle to your Connect surface. If laying your iPad flat is what you’d prefer, your Media Mount can still come in handy; simply lay it around the edges of your Connect surface and use it as a barrier to prevent any sliding off without hook tape.

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