Lap Tray Competition

King of the Wheelchair Lap Trays – Staking out the Competition


Trabasack Wheelchair Lap TrayAs the proud inventors of a wheelchair lap tray, universally designed for all wheelchair users, it seems only fair to take a closer look at alternatives on the market. At Trabasack we designed our product to be different from our competitors. We wanted to move away from the clinical wheelchair trays that looked like they belonged in a hospital not a home. We wanted our product to be easy to use, stylish and versatile, which is why it combines a bag as well as a sturdy, ergonomic lap tray.

Here’s a closer look at our competitors and how realistically, they don’t even compete!

The Competition

1. The Wooden Lap Tray

You can buy a wooden lap tray for about $150 and as the photo shows it’s neither ergonomically designed nor designed for comfort. It looks extremely out-dated and it’s secured to the wheelchair via hook and loop straps. If you decided you didn’t want to use the tray – you’d have nowhere to store it.

2. The Moulded Lap Tray

These trays can be bought for around $80 and are made from hard, moulded plastic. Most models feature a moulded cup holder. They look extremely clinical and seem to have been modelled on a child’s highchair tray. It lacks any design features to make it appropriate for social settings and it has a hospital feel which is more likely to put up further social barriers rather than break them down

3. The Flip Away Half Tray

The Flip Away Tray can be found for around $150 and is again made from moulded plastic with a feature cup holder. It’s designed so it can easily be flipped away when not in use. It has stepped up considerably from its alternatives although it does still look extremely clinical and mirrors those flip-down plastic trays on trains! It can be moved out of the way when not in use which is a bonus but its design is unfortunately not universal. As all people and chairs are different many have found the Flip Away Half Tray can’t fit to all armrests and it also has sharp ages making it painful if you catch yourself against it.

So, What About Trabasack?

It’s clear that Trabasack far outstrips the competition. It’s a portable, light weight lap tray option which has even won a Style Award, so clearly it doesn’t look clinical. It can be strapped easily around your waist or hung from the back of the chair, so no movement restriction is ever possible. Trabasack has been designed for everyday life and for every type of user and is highly functional compared to the alternatives on the market. You don’t have to worry about permanently attaching the Trabasack to your chair and you don’t need to get stressed over transfer difficulties, simply hang or place your Trabasack out of the way.

Trabasack’s secondary function as a bag is also great news as you can store anything you need within it for easy access and it saves carrying a separate bag too. Trabasack products can be bought for between $69.95 and $79.95 so we think you’ll agree they’re great value for money too.

Reading this post should tell you there really is no other wheelchair tray to consider.