Trabasack – the Perfect Power chair Tray

Trabasack – the Perfect Powerchair Tray

Functional, Comfortable and Multipurpose

Using the Trabasack successfully as a Powerchair Tray Table

Your Trabasack wheelchair lap tray and bag is suitable for absolutely any wheelchair and many of our customers happen to be powerchair users looking for a functional, affordable and good quality power chair tray. Both lap tray products in the Trabasack range provide this function and allow our customers to comfortably get about their business with the aid of their Trabasack electric tray table. Universally designed to fit any powerchair at all, the Trabasack powerchair tray table allows users to have easy access to all manner of things from multimedia devices to snacks and drinks, without having to find an appropriate table to stop at. Our products offer maximum functionality without looking clinical or feeling uncomfortable.

Your Portable Power chair Tray Table

A Power chair user on a bus with a trabasack wheelchair tray

A Power chair User Commuting and Using Their Trabasack Curve, picture courtesy

Some of the traditionally designed powerchair trays and tables have been less than comfortable and fit for purpose. Many require screwing into place, making sitting in your chair quite claustrophobic and not a comfortable experience at all. What’s more, many power wheelchair trays are made from wood or plastic, with sharp corners and edges which are just not practical or a good idea for continual use. Trabasack is different, Trabasack solves a problem that none of these other products was able to.

You can attach your Trabasack to either your power chair or round your waist using any of the four straps, two shorter ones for armrests or by using one or two of the long ones around your waist. Combining a bag compartment as well as a tray, you can store whatever you require within the Trabasack and easily zip it out when you want to use it. What’s more, Trabasacks equipped with the innovative Connect surface allow you to easily secure items to the top of your tray so they don’t fall or get damaged. This is a great idea for commuters (like the photo shows) or if you use your Trabasack a lot whilst out and about.

 The Trabasack range includes two products, the larger Curve which is designed to hug the contours of your body and the smaller Mini which is ideal for business use and holding table and small laptops in its bag compartment.

As a power chair user you may have spent a long time trying to locate the ideal tray table and you need look no further as Trabasack is an award winning design that will suit everyone.