Supporting a Voice for People with Disabilities


Campaigns for Ramp Up

We have been disappointed and saddened to hear the news that ABC Ramp Up has been closed. The ABC chose not to incorporate Ramp Up into their core operations and this has, more than fairly, angered many of the people living with disabilities across Australia. As our national public broadcaster the inclusion in Ramp Up in the ABC’s services allowed people with disabilities to have a voice in the mainstream.

A Voice for People with Disabilities

ABC Ramp Up provided a platform for news, discussion debate and humour for everybody in Australia’s varied disability communities. ABC Ramp Up provided a wide range of resources for people living with disabilities themselves as well as carer’s and families and a wide range of people had the opportunity to offer their story and provide articles for the site. Carl Thompson, Australia’s Trabasack entrepreneur is one of many who have written for the site including articles about the processes involved in buying a wheelchair and the extremely honest Superpowers and Cures: Why Not?

ABC Ramp Up has pages of interesting and entertaining content and though it isn’t being deleted and the archive remains, it will no longer be updated, giving people living with disabilities across Australia one less resource to tap into.

This simply isn’t acceptable and a new project which wants to replace Ramp Up and create a new platform for the voices of people with disabilities is currently being campaigned for. The campaign A Voice for People with Disabilities, has been developed to create a new news and opinion website that will continue to carry out the work that Ramp Up was doing. There are also plans to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities in editorial and marketing roles as well as paying for content published on the site.

This video shows exactly what the campaign plans to do, should they receive the funding they need:

Supporting the Campaign

It’s clear to us as a company which are dedicated to design for all principles that incorporate all people, from all walks of life, that a replacement for Ramp Up is sorely needed. The voice of people with disabilities in Australia has as much right to be heard as any other and though mainstream media can be enjoyed by anybody, disability-specific journalism is rarely found.

Ramp Up has been an invaluable resource for many people for many years and with no more updates, there is a definite need for a replacement service. There are 56 days left to make a contribution to the A Voice for People with Disabilities campaign and they’re initially aiming to hit a tipping point goal of $20,000, with an ultimate goal of $80,000.

On reaching their tipping point goal the campaigners will be able to build their website and commission writers with disabilities to produce regular, informative and entertaining content, for 6 months. Time will also be spent looking for ways to extend the project for the long term during this first 6 months.

If the $80,000 goal is reached they will be able to bring writers on board for two years and dedicate more time to improving the website and increasing their commercial appeal, ensuring the project can be a long term development and not set to close like Ramp Up before it.

We’re 100% behind this campaign and hope you are too.