Best Wheelchair Accessory Around

Trabasack – The Best Wheelchair Accessory Around

The innovative and ergonomic Trabasack design combines a lap tray with a wheelchair bag in a unique and exciting way. This makes the Trabasack one of the best wheelchair accessories on the market today.

What to love about the Trabasack

The Trabasack is an original design created by designer with a spinal injury, with a dual function.

Alan Thomas using his Trabasack as a food tray when out and about.

Alan Thomas using his Trabasack as a food tray when out and about.

This spacious wheelchair bag closes securely with a zip, sandwiched between a removable bean bag for comfort and a PVC lap tray.

It is easy

Keeping the Trabasack clean is easy: simply put the fabric bag into a wash bag and clean it at 30 degrees, and wipe down the tray’s PVC surface. This means that you have a safe and hygienic storage solution for any medication or food, and means that messy tasks such as gardening need not be avoided when using the Trabasack.

It is multi-functional

The bag itself is spacious; there is room for a laptop as well as a few other items such as a purse or wallet and your mobile phone. Not only can the tray then be used as a laptop table but it is also the perfect table for dining when you’re out of the home, eliminating the need to look for a table that has ample space underneath for your wheelchair. Your Trabasack bag can be a portable medicine cabinet, a space for storing gardening tools, a handbag, a laptop case and so much more. This secure space is ideal for carrying around with you when you’re out and about.

The Trabasack is a convenient wheelchair backpack

The Trabasack is a convenient wheelchair backpack

It doesn’t get in the way

Another great aspect of the Trabasack bag and lap tray is the fact that it is so easy to manoeuvre without feeling like it is getting in the way. The tray itself is curved to fit your body and then can be secured to you using lightweight straps; this means it doesn’t jut out uncomfortably, and you don’t have to worry about it falling away from you. When not in use, it is simply hung on the back of your chair, completely out of the way. It doesn’t stick out and is attached to your chair using straps or D-rings – whichever you prefer.

The Trabasack is the ideal accessory for anybody using a wheelchair – it is lightweight, secure and so easy to use. Buy a Trabasack here and experience this multi-functional and exciting new wheelchair accessory for yourself.

Thank you to Alan Thomas, chairman of Ataxia South Wales and long-term Trabasack fan, for the use of his photograph