Wheelchair Dining at Picnic Tables

Wheelchair dining at picnic tables

The end of the problem of reaching a picnic table whilst using a wheelchair. Use a trabasack. A handy tray you can carry as a bag.

Dining out is often a stressful task for wheelchair users. Restaurants are often cramped, with low tables and limited space for getting past the tables – besides, who wants to be in a crowded restaurant when you could be eating al fresco in the great outdoors? Unfortunately, this can be just as difficult, as picnic tables simply aren’t made for the easy manoeuvring of a wheelchair user. The benches stick out from beneath the low tables, meaning that picnic tables may not be an option for somebody who is in a wheelchair. The action of getting in and out from the benches may also prove difficult for somebody with reduced mobility.

Make dining outdoors easy

The Trabasack can help with this outdoor dining experience. The hard PVC tray is curved to fit comfortably against your body, meaning you can have your own personal table as you sit at the bench, without feeling like you are set back from the rest of your group. It’s a hygienic, wipe-clean option which is robust, level and at the perfect height for eating comfortably. As it attaches around your waist, it is secure enough to carry a drink without constantly having to be careful incase it spills.

Clare, creator of Trabasack, using her Trabasack as a picnic table

Clare, creator of Trabasack, using her Trabasack as a picnic table

The Trabasack is comfortable

Not only does the curved table provide you with maximum comfort so that you can lean in to your food without feeling that the tray may dig in to you, but there is a removable bean bag zipped in underneath. This cushions the Trabasack on your lap, so that the tray rests softly and is slightly higher up, making it easier to eat.

Carry extras in your Trabasack bag

The best part about this lap tray is that it is also a bag. This is large enough for you to carry spare cutlery or crockery that would make your dining experience easier (a knork or a particular plate, for example) as well as your usual phone, keys and wallet, and it zips closed so you don’t have to worry about your belongings falling out.

The Trabasack is a unique and innovative wheelchair accessory, which combines a PVC tray with a bag which can be carried easily on the back of your wheelchair. We recommend you buy your Trabasack now to enhance your dining out experience, as well as many other aspects of life.

Photographed is Clare, the creator of Trabasack, pictured enjoying her Trabasack at a picnic table.