Wheelchair Gardening Made Easier Using Trabasack

Make Gardening Easier Using Trabasack

Using a wheelchair around the garden is much easier if you find the right tools. Gardening is a hobby that is absolutely possible to enjoy from your wheelchair, made easier using a few simple tips and utilising your Trabasack.

fred uses a trabasack on his lap to select small plants and seedlings for repotting

Your Trabasack is perfect for working up-close with trays of plants.

Making your garden easier

If you want to enjoy gardening as a pass-time, there are some structural decisions you can make which will not only improve the look of your garden, but will make things easier for you.

  • Raised beds are not only an attractive addition to your garden, but they can be raised to a more workable height, so your back isn’t strained by bending over.
  • Containers are also great because they can be as high as you need them, and you can place them on your Trabasack when you need to work up close.
  • An alternative to raised beds and containers is telescopic or long handled gardening equipment, which allows the user to comfortably reach the ground from a sitting position.
  • Use paths as a feature. They will make it easier for you to get around between sections of your garden, as well as adding charm to the layout. Consider having a paved ramp (at a gradient that is recommended as no higher than 1.15) to enable you to have altering levels without facing any hazards.
fred using a long handled hoe to weed from his wheelchair

Using long-handled tools can help wheelchair users gardening.

Using your Trabasack in your garden

The Trabasack is brilliant because it is completely versatile; not only is it ideal for transporting gardening tools and equipment around your garden, but it can also be a helpful tray on which you can do more intricate work. The curved edge allows you to lean closer while being assured that your tray remains stable, while the zip pocket secures gloves and tools so that you don’t have to worry about them falling out. The tray is easy to clean; warm water and soap will remove your usual gardening mess, or a quick thirty degree wash (in a wash bag, without spin) cleans on those particularly muddy days. Described as a “must have” accessory for any wheelchair user who loves the outdoors, Trabasack is a versatile addition to the equipment list of any keen gardener.

Trabasack helps wheelchair users make the most of their gardening experience, providing a handy work tray as well as being a useful storage bag for your tools. Click here to improve the way you garden and become the proud owner of your own Trabasack.

Photo credit to Fred Walden, who is a valued Trabasack customer, many more tools and tips for gardening from a wheelchair can be found on his site.