Trabasack is an Essential Wheelchair Travel Accessory

Travels with Trabasack: why your Trabasack is an essential holiday accessory

Holidays are meant to be a time to relax and wind down, but travelling for a long time can be a source of great anxiety for many people. Long journeys are often uncomfortable and physically difficult to manoeuvre, on top of the usual worries like missing flights or losing your luggage. Bringing your Trabasack with you for the journey can help things move along a lot more smoothly  – though unfortunately they can’t control the airport’s baggage handling!

trabasack being used on a train as a portable table

The Trabasack is the perfect table to use on your journey.

Your portable table

Bringing a Trabasack gives you the benefit of a table whenever you need it. Not only is this great for snacking or for resting your drinks, but it gives you a great platform for passing your time. An iPad or other tablet (which is suitable for storing inside your Trabasack) can be rested on your lap comfortable when using it as a lap tray, or you could even use it as a table for a game of cards. If you like to draw or journal your surroundings as you travel, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to lean; Trabasack is your own personal drawing table.

Keep your documents safe

Trabasack comes with a bag which zips up, meaning you can always be comfortable knowing that your documents are kept together and will remain safe. This eliminates the all-too-common moment of panic when you arrive at the airport and can’t remember which pocket you put your passport in! The bag section of the Trabasack is padded, meaning it is ideal for carrying and protecting your electronic equipment too.


ataxian Alan Thompson using the trabasack tray as a travel pillow on a train

Use your Trabasack as a handy pillow


Have a little rest

Travelling can often be a long and tiring experience, and it is usually difficult to get to sleep leaning against hard, juddering windows. Your Trabasack with removable beanbag cushion can be leaned against the window and used as a handy pillow; perfect, as it can be placed at whichever height feels comfortable and it won’t take up extra space in your luggage as bringing an extra pillow would.

The Trabasack Mini is an award winning travel bag and lap desk. Its innovative design has made travelling more enjoyable for many wheelchair users, and is just as popular with those who are staying at home. For your own portable tray and storage to make the most of your travels, click here and purchase a Trabasack.


Photo credits: Thanks very much to Alan Thomas, Chairman of Ataxia South Wales, and a big trabasack fan. More of his pics can be seen here.