Top Wheelchair Tray Accessories for your Trabasack Wheelchair Tray

Trabasack Wheelchair Tray Accessories

As the proud owner of a Trabasack wheelchair lap tray and bag, you’ll already know the many benefits of the product. The combination of sturdy lap tray surface and spacious bag compartment means you can carry everything you need and access anything you need, simultaneously from the same device from the comfort of your chair.

There are a range of products and accessories out there, both produced by the Trabasack Company and others which complement the use of your new wheelchair tray and here we’re taking a closer look at some of the most popular ones currently on the market and how you can benefit from them.

Trabasack Hook Tape

Great Value Trabasack Hook Tape

If you’ve purchased a Trabasack wheelchair tray with our innovative Connect surface then you’ll already know how fantastic it is, offering you the extra security of being able to secure items to the tray surface using hook and eye technology (Velcro). The Trabasack product range includes its own brand of hook tape, available in 120cm strips and extremely good value. The advantages of the Connect tray surface are plentiful and it’s particularly popular with commuters who need to secure items for transfer on and off trains and buses. Attaching items to your Trabasack with hook tape allows them to be close at hand whenever you need them.

Trabasack Media Mount

Trabasack Media Mount positioning an iPad

A brand new development for 2012, the Trabasack Media Mount is a multipurpose mounting device which adds further functionality and use to your original Trabasack product. Simply designed and extremely flexible, the Media Mount can be positioned in a range of different ways to support multimedia devices and household items such as drinks bottles or cups. Like with the Hook Tape, the Media Mount works best in use with the Trabasack Connect range.

Trabasack Non-Slip Mat

Trabasack Non-Slip Mat

If you regularly use your Trabasack for eating and drinking, we recommend our Non-Slip Mat to keep the surface extra clean. It’s also great if you use your Trabasack for messy play time with the kids. The Trabasack can be machine washed but it’s sometimes easier just protecting it with our simple mat solution.

Hydrant Water Bottle

The Hydrant Water Bottle

The Hydrant Water Bottle is an innovative design which we support at Trabasack and believe works well with our product range. The Hydrant allows for hands free drinking and can be easily clipped to your wheelchair or safely kept on your Trabasack tray surface. These are available to order, use our contact form on the home page.


The Knork – One Handed Eating Utensil

Knorks have become extremely popular since their creation in the States. The one handed combination of both a knife and a fork is extremely innovative and a whole cutlery range is now available. A fantastic product for anybody who only has use of one arm or limited dexterity, the Knork range can be easily stored inside your Trabasack bag compartment and taken out for use during special occasions, social eating and much more. These are available to order, use our contact form on the home page.