A Look at Some of our Wheelchair Tray Competitors

A Look at Some of Our Wheelchair Tray Competitors

And Why Our Product is the Best on the Market

As a wheelchair user, it makes perfect sense that you want tray access from the comfort of your chair, so you don’t have to worry about transferring to other seating whilst out and about or just for ease of use. There have been a range of wheelchair trays and tables on the market for many years but at Trabasack, we realised most of these were completely unsuitable for most wheelchair users. Many trays seemed to be either too heavy, require tight securing making sitting in your chair uncomfortable or in most cases far too expensive. Many of the trays also looked clinical or completely unattractive, which isn’t something anybody wants to fork out hundreds of dollars for. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular trays on the market and why our Trabasack product range is significantly more beneficial and functional for a wide range of different wheelchair users.

Wooden Wheelchair Trays

A standard wooden wheelchair tray table

When looking into other products on the market, we came across many wooden wheelchair trays, specifically constructed from hardwood and designed to provide a level surface for the user. However, these trays seemed unavailable for less than $100 and in the description of each product, the phrase ‘fits most standard wheelchairs’ is used time and again. This leads us to think what is standard and we’re sure many people have ended up purchasing this type of tray and not been able to use it. From the photo it is clear that this type of wheelchair tray is also completely unsuitable for powerchair users, unlike Trabasack products. The photo also shows how clunky and large this tray looks.

The Flip Away Half Tray

A pricey and permanently fixed Flip Away Tray

The Flip Away Half Tray has been a popular choice for wheelchair users for a long time, at least those who can afford it. Priced at over $300 this product is hardly accessible to everybody and when looking closely at its design, it’s hard to see where the cost comes into it. Constructed from hard plastic and comprising of a tray surface and drinks holder section, this tray markets itself as being convenient as it can be quickly moved out of the way for transfers in and out of your chair. However, it is still secured firmly to the frame of your chair and requires screwing into place. The unique thing about Trabasack products is that they can be attached to your chair or around your waist, depending on your personal circumstances and preferences and it requires absolutely no nuts and bolts.

Moulded Lap Trays

The Clinical Moulded Tray

From the photo you can see almost immediately why this product is hardly something anybody would want to be seen out and about using. It looks like it belongs in a hospital environment and no one living in modern society wants to feel like they’re institutionalised. It’s also reminiscent of the trays attached to children’s high chairs so is hardly something that would appeal to many. What’s more, these trays are amazingly still priced at over $100 each.

Why Choose Trabasack?

The functional, user-friendly Trabasack

Looking at our competitors should leave you in no doubt that the Trabasack product range is the best available. Combining portability, functionality and being extremely light weight, you have many options with your Trabasack and it allows for many different uses. If you don’t want to use it as a tray, you can hang it on the back of your chair with no issues and when it is being used as a tray, it doesn’t restrict your movement or create the claustrophobic feel some of the older designs have.

Combining great functions with attractive style, your Trabasack will become invaluable and what’s more, it’s available at a much more acceptable price than other products on the market. It has won awards as stylish, inclusive design that anyone can use. See this video showing one of our first customers and how he uses his: