Not just a wheelchair tray!

A sturdy, steady surface wherever you may be and a handy bag

A mini trabasack seen on the lap of a wheelchair user and a Curve trabsack lapdesk tray

Trabasack is an innovative design company based in the UK who produce a range of unique and practical lapdesk and bag combinations which are universally designed and specifically, perfect for use as a portable wheelchair tray. Much more than your average wooden or plastic tray top, Trabasack bags combines a sturdy tray surface with a spacious bag compartment and soft beanbag cushion to protect your lap. Despite combining all these great features Trabasack products are lightweight, built to last and attractive too. The concept and range was designed by a wheelchair user which means that the needs and expectations of wheelchair users have been integral to each stage of the development process, resulting in our popular product range currently available.

Bag a Table Anywhere

There have probably been hundreds of occasions where you have found it difficult to find a table, whether those on offer are completely inaccessible or it’s just too busy, with a Trabasack you don’t have to worry any more. This unique and sturdy tray and bag combo allows you to have complete access to your own private table wherever you are, be that on a train, in a busy coffee shop or at home. It’s handy for holding drinks, media devices and much more.

The unique and streamlined design of the Trabasack range means it fits universally to almost any wheelchair out there including powerchairs. Our ethos is simple, our products are designed to fit the person, not the chair and can be used for so many different functions from a work space for your laptop to a handy tray for cinema visits (somewhere to put your popcorn).

Trabasack Uses & Range

All our products are produced with a durable PVC surface which means they’re perfect for use with food and drinks and can be wiped clean. Additionally, you can pop your Trabasack in the washing machine at 30 degrees and it’ll come out looking even better. Social eating and drinking doesn’t need to be an anxious affair as your Trabasack provides you with a safe and secure surface to join in and you can simply attach it around your waist using the waist strap or attach it to the frame of your chair with specially designed side straps.

Our current range includes the Trabasack Curve and the Trabasack Mini. The Curve was our original design and is created to hug your body’s natural contours for a comfortable fit and is a great alternative to the sharp-edged wheelchair trays on the market. Additionally, the Curve is larger than our second product, the Mini, which is designed especially for use with smaller tablet and netbook devices.

The Trabasack lap tray range can be further customised with our innovative Connect surface option. This soft surface is designed with hook and loop (Velcro) technology in mind and using Trabasack Hook Tape you can safely secure any item to your tray surface to keep it in place. Put a piece of hook velcro on a phone, iPad or anything you don’t want to drop, and it will stay secured to the soft surface. This is great for commuting and means you don’t have to worry about your expensive electricals getting damaged, or asking others people to pick up things.

stoewd at the back like a backpack, trabasack hangs from the back of a wheelchair

Our Trabasack Curve and Mini can be safely stored on the back of your chair.


Attaching a Trabasack to a Wheelchair

This quick video shows you how simple it is to attach your Trabasack to your wheelchair and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s far removed from the complicated and often claustrophobic feel that you get from a traditional wheelchair tray that needs bolting into place.

 Our Happy Customers

If you don’t want to take our word for it, here’s some recent feedback from some of our happy customers:

Advert showing a tweet by Ricky Buchanan @jeshyr "Ohhh, Trabasack lap desks available in Australia now! Very recommended for wheelchair using and bedridden tweeps"

S says: “If you’re looking for a new tray table for your wheelchair, lap table for eating meals or playing cards, or a new way to keep the heat from the laptop off your legs; I would highly recommend Trabasack.”

P says: “My Trabasack Curve is great. I’ve had it for about 6 months. It’s lightweight, comfortable, stable, easy to pick up and/or unzip. It easily wipes clean, surface is firm not slippery, raised ridge keeps items/spills contained. It’s the best tray I’ve ever had.”

S says: “Trabasack table/bags have been a real life changer for me. These bags are particularly handy as they eliminate extra things to carry while adding versatility. The one I purchased is extremely rugged and made of a very high quality material. Easy to pick up with the grab handles and I love the large ring pull zips. I’ve accidentally dropped it and it has never marked. Not to mention it’s just the perfect size, not too small so that it doesn’t hold anything but not so big that I can’t handle it.”

use as a cinema tray for drinks, for tea on the lap, or for wheelchair gardening

Trabasacks & Their Many Uses

We have stock now in Australia. Please use the contact form below to contact us. Trabasack was launched in the UK 3 years ago and has many happy customers and is multi-award winning. It is in Australia. For much more information about trabasack please visit http://wheelchairlaptrays.com